An independent branding studio

Encouraging both eco-conscious consumerism, as well as work and lifestyle balance.


based in sydney, australia
hey! I’m nat.

About The Founder

Natalie came from a creative background, working in both the music and design industry. As the head of digital in a past life, Nat managed projects from the likes of app startups, through to designing for long-term clients in the restaurant and bar scene. Dabbling in freelance on the side, Nat was growing momentum and decided to venture off into her own business.

NPCreative was formed, allowing her the flexibility to work with incredible brands in the health and wellness space, not-for-profits, B Corps, and those working towards making a positive contribution to the world.

Nat loves using her creativity to help brands flourish in their industry and differentiate themselves in a fun and unique way from their competitors. interweaving design thinking and user experience to help build brands.

Our Values, Our Philosophy


/ Individuality

Individuality requires original and creative thought, for every client and every project. We embrace the individuality and wealth of expertise each of our partners & clients brings.

/ Communication

Acting with integrity and patience is important to us. We hold transparency highly when it comes to strategy, personalisation, and preparation. We’ll be a part of your team, keeping you in the loop, every step of the way.

/ Sustainability

Community matters. A more sustainable world matters. We collab with like-minded brands, if it means putting more good out into the world.

/ Balance

Great design, balanced with sustainability. Lifestyle, balanced with work and business. All in all, balance makes the world go round and lets people be people.

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