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3 Steps to Building a Successful Brand.


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As a small business owner, it can be difficult to figure out where to start when building a brand. Below, we’ve put together our 3 steps to building a successful brand!

    brand strategy

    1/  Brand Strategy

    Something quite often missed. A lot of businesses skip this step, either because they don’t understand the value of a brand strategy, or simply because they’ve created their own simplified version of a business plan/marketing strategy/brand strategy or thereabouts.

    Simply put, Brand strategy is the process of uncovering your brand truths to build out a long-term plan to position your brand in the marketplace.

    Your brand strategy is your business blue-print.

    At NP Creative Group, we break down our strategy into two sections. Your discovery, and your strategy.

    The discovery phase is about getting clear on your goals and vision, and putting it down on paper! We use prompts to delve into the deeper understandings of your whys, how’s and what’s for the business. We work with you as your facilitator, guiding you with questions and workshopping techniques to uncover your deeper truths.

    This leads onto strategy. Now that we understand your ideas behind the business, this stage is about formalising them. We’ll work alongside you in positioning your brand. Together, we structure a plan for how we want consumers to think and feel about the brand, and work out how we will do that.

    low tox lab branding, packaging design

    2/  Brand Identity Design

    This is about moving your vision into real life creative.

    Your brand identity is the visual foundations of your brand. Built upon your strategy, a brand identity should reflect your core vision, values and story, and fit into the plan created. This is where everything from your logo’s, colours, typography and other core brand identifiers are created.

    An easy to navigate brand manual should be created in this stage for you and your team to keep brand consistency. At NP Creative Group, we make these custom to the level of detail and information your brand needs.

    Remember, your business is about your consumers, so your visual identity should reflect this. A successful brand identity should:

    attract your target audience
    – help build a loyal following
    – be memorable

    Hit all 3 nails in the head? Then you’re on the right track.


    3/ Brand Marketing

    Now that you have your branding in place and a viable brand strategy, you’ll need brand marketing to build awareness around your brand and services/products.

    A couple of things to consider:

    – How can you best place your brand in front of the right people?

    – Which platforms does your target audience regularly use?

    – What types of content should you be sharing?

    This part is about setting goals, measuring results, and showing up consistently. Do these things and you’ll be well set to reaching and attracting your ideal clients.


    Nail these three steps and you’ll be well on your way to building a value-led successful brand.


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