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Brand design & strategy

We’re a brand design studio crafting brands that actually attract your people. Whether you’re a newbie founder, or up for a rebrand, NPCreative Group work with you (or take the lead) in dreaming up your brand.

Oh, and just to clarify, It’s more than a logo, it’s a whole damn vibe.

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Packaging / Print design

With a research-driven approach, we deliver packaging design that shouts your point of difference and leads the way above your competitors.

Undoubtedly, exploring our creative juices through packaging design get’s our hearts racing. Especially if you’re sustainably minded and working towards making a difference. Shall we connect?

Digital Experience

Need to connect better digitally with your audience? We work with a handful of experts to make sure we can tailor to your business needs. Think Email marketing, Websites, Social Media, we have the tools ~

Together, we can develop a strategy that fits and works. In other words, we love to create, launch and *rather eagerly* watch your brand grow online.

Design to give you social creds and elevate your brand.

Drive your customer experience with consistent and meaningful design that tells your story at every touch point.



Creativity is etched into everything that we do. We work with curious minds and action takers in brand design that tip the scale ——— between strategic and creative.

what our people are saying


Nat has amazing attention to detail and her skill in helping me develop a brand when I had no idea what I was even looking for, is second to none. I highly recommend NP Creative Group!!!

Nintai Karate


This is one of the best designers out there. We contacted NP Creative all the way from Belgium to make a beer label.. In all seriousness, we had a blast working with NPC and the results are perfect.


Dries storm – goldfinger


NP Creative was great to work with. Very professional and easy going, got all i was looking for and I look forward to working with NPC again on future design pieces.


joel brookes – Events & catering co.
brand identity design – rebrand

Sydney City Psychology


NPCreative Group developed a refreshed brand identity, positioning, voice and website.

In an industry often perceived as sterile and clinical, we aimed to shift this perspective through our recent rebrand of Sydney City Psychology.

Understanding the psychographics of their audience, we uncovered the underlying motivations that guide individuals from recognising the need for help >>> to seeking out the *right* psychology clinic.

We built SCP’s new brand around this. To be the trustworthy, compassionate, empowering and supportive arm for them.

brand design & packaging



We worked with HiirLa to build out a strong and strategic visual identity targetted to mothers and young teens.

How? Uncovering the businesses core goals and objectives through an indepth brand strategy session lead to brand design and packaging that positions them uniquely in the market, and appeals to both target audiences. All in all, a killer brand was built that is a leader in it’s industry.


What's the branding process like?

For information on the branding process, we have a whole page on this here. Similarly large projects all follow a varied process to this, but is indicative of the particular project and it's size. You can inquire here to learn more on this.

How long does branding take?

A branding project generally take 6-8 weeks, but can vary as every project is custom. Packaging and website design jobs are at minimum 4 weeks.

How does payment work for a project?

We split up the payment into two parts:

1. We send you an invoice for the first 50% of your project's cost after you send us your signed project proposal.

2. We send you a a final invoice for the last 50% of your project's cost once you give final approval on your branding elements or collateral design, before we send you your brand suite.

What do your design retainers include?

Our design retainers start at $950 AUD per month. They include:

- A monthly strategy session to review the previous months results and plan for the month ahead.

- Priority delivery of work

- Overflow hours (pending your retainer type)

- Access to copywriting and web services