Goldfinger beer label by NP Creative


A refreshing drink, Goldfinger’s unique flavour qualities expand at every sip.

Scope of work


Brand Identity Design

Beer Label Design

Maxim & Dries spent the latter of 2020 brewing up a storm. It didn’t take long for them to realise they had something unique they could capitalise on.

Goldfinger is a bottom fermented beer, brewed by two boys in Belgium.

Their mission


To bring a unique taste to Belguim at a time where change was required (the year 2020), and people needed something for comfort.

our approach


We worked in developing a brand outside of the scope of the ordinary.

The Goldfinger logotype, accentuated by gold-foiling compliments the premium product. Inspired by the James Bond film, Goldfinger; the brand exudes the mysterious and powerful attraction, a-like to the film.

The result speak for themselves on this one. They sold out 10 days from launch.

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Goldfinger beer label by NP Creative. Packaging design.
Goldfinger beer label by NP Creative. Packaging design.