Eliminating menstrual shame by providing comprehensive support for women to obtain a more comfortable menstrual period.

Scope of work


Brand Identity Design

Brand Strategy

Brand Manual

Packaging Design

Booklet Design

Social Media Design

HiirLa is a sanitary brand, focused on eliminating menstrual shame through comprehensive information & support.

Their mission


To bridge the gap between young teens menstrual shame and parents lack of skills in addressing first time menstruation.

our approach


An in-depth brand strategy session was undertaken to get a clear vision of first time founder Mili’s vision for the brand. Differentiating her two key target audiences:

1. young women going through menstruation &

2. parents of these women

was key in our creative strategy. The  research we conducted discovered that period wear purchases can be highly  motivated by emotion. This meant that we narrowed our focus to exploring colour psychology and story-telling for the brand and it’s positioning.

The natural nature of the custom logotype is reflective of the eco-conscious focus of the brand. A blend of minimalistic typography and personified illustrations compliments the educational aspect of Hiirla, perfectly directed at their audience.

We developed a full brand identity, strategy and brand manual. Following with their product packaging design and other brand assets.

branding process
Hiirla Instagram tiles
HiirLa sanitary pad packaging design by NP Creative
Hiirla period kit box by NP Creative
Hiirla board game by NP Creative
Hiirla brand guidelines