Cavendish Avenue

“Nostalgia is intertwined in our purpose as Curators of Cosy, as we all have those memories that turn into stories we tell forever.​”

Scope of work


Packaging Design

New Style Guide

Cavendish Avenue are a Sydney based candle company.

Their objective


Cavendish Avenue approached us with a goal to enter larger retailers.

The problem:
1. Their current product packaging wasn’t cutting it
2. It wasn’t feasible for them to have different boxes for each product and SKU.

our approach


A singular, adaptable box designed to accommodate their entire product range and various SKUs. The key to this strategy was preserving space on the front, allowing the owner to affix a sticker with specific product details.

This approach means that the brand now presents a polished and unified appearance for their product boxes, ideal for retail sales, all achieved without the need to invest in numerous box variations.

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